Find the Moment

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Sometimes life rushes past us so quickly that we miss it. We don’t see the grandness of a moment because it is temporary, and we don’t look enough into it to treasure it. But some people do. Some people have a distinct memory, that when they decide to, can remember what they want to know. I myself am one of these people, who when in my Type-A mode does not remember anything, or as my wife calls it, my “go-go-go” mode. Then there are other days. There are days that I slow down and look around. I feel the presence of the world, and moments seem to soak in deeply.

It is on these days, where I find myself present, that I never forget a name. I also feel the emotions of others more immediately, and can connect with people in new ways. But again, this is not all the time. My point is that we can all be present, even if some of us are more naturally gifted at it. At the end of the day, it is a choice. We can choose to slow down, see the moment, and remember what is front of us without being a savant.

In the Christmas story, Mary repeats a phrase that has always jumped off the page for me. After the shepherds come visit baby Jesus in the manger, the scripture says that the shepherds were amazed. Then it says this about Mary: “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). She realized that what she was experiencing was worth saving, worth feeling again. Years later, the phrase is repeated as she watches Jesus teach at the temple as a boy.

There was a sense in Mary’s mind that something was special. Of course, whenever we have moments like that we should do our best to treasure them, that we may ponder them for years to come. We all have these moments. I’ll never forget my wife walking down the aisle and her precious smile. I’ll never forget the call I got when I found out my grandpa had died. No matter how good or bad, we all have moments that we should hold on to for the future.

Do your best to find the moment. When you see people, see them for who they are, and don’t rush the time by like it doesn’t mean anything. It’s there for a reason. I promise that realizing the present moment makes not only a better past to remember, it gives you a brighter and prouder future.



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